How ‘No Creed But the Bible’ Subverts the Bible

How ‘No Creed But the Bible’ Subverts the Bible — Read on I heartily agree with this. It is a concept that is so often misunderstood...and it fits in with the current theme of my blog so I thought it worthy of a repost.

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Matters of First Importance (Part 1)

Evangelicalism walks a very fine line between maintaining unity and contending for the faith. It is a joyous and treacherous position to be in. Stray too far to the one side and you fall off the cliff of heresy. Stray too far in the other direction and we find ourselves mixed up in the Colossian… Continue reading Matters of First Importance (Part 1)

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The Danger of Being a Theological Sluggard.

Distracted from the Real Warning? Hebrews 5 and 6 has to be among the most controversial passages in the Bible. The controversy is mainly between Calvinists like me who argue that you cannot lose your salvation and...well, everybody else. However, as is sadly the case with any Bible passage that has become caught up in… Continue reading The Danger of Being a Theological Sluggard.

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Assurance, Justification & Sanctification

How do you know that you are really a Christian? The trouble with Christians is that they tend to look at themselves too much. The trouble with looking at yourself too much is that you will eventually freak out. Why? The longer you look at yourself, and I mean truly look at yourself, you will be… Continue reading Assurance, Justification & Sanctification

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Assurance & Justification

Why do Christians struggle with assurance of their salvation? In the last post I explored the Bible’s teaching about salvation generally. In this post I want us to go a little further and think about how that salvation works. At the heart of the Gospel, at the heart of salvation, is the doctrine of justification. What… Continue reading Assurance & Justification

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Assurance & Faith

Saved by “Faith”? Faith is a fairly important concept in the Bible. True faith is amongst the highest of virtues and false faith among the most dangerous of pitfalls. It seems prudent, therefore, to make sure that we understand what “faith” means. How can we discern the difference between true faith and false faith? It… Continue reading Assurance & Faith

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Assurance and Habitual Sin.

One of the greatest reasons why so many Christians today do not experience the peace that comes through the assurance of salvation can be summarised in one simple question. Can I truly be a Christian even if I fall to the same sin over and over again? The answer to this is “yes”.  It is possible… Continue reading Assurance and Habitual Sin.